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Ammo Talwar MBE

Chair of Directors,
CORE Education Trust

Music entrepreneur Ammo Talwar started life selling vinyl at his specialist record shop, which became a local hub for artists & entrepreneurs - His leadership and vision built the company into an award-winning music & content agency; working internationally and in partnership with leading private and public sector companies to support innovation & the creative economy. He received an MBE for contributions to music and young people. A recipient of the International Cultural leadership award, Ammo’s professional acumen is in demand by organisations facing both new business opportunities and challenges. Talwar is currently Chairman of leading Multi Academy Trust, CORE Education.  

  • Evaluating the role of boards to ensure diverse trustees in terms of age, ethnicity, gender and experience
  • Assessing strategies to attract and retain trustees with corporate and financial management experience
  • Analysing the role of a robust skills audit and gap analysis in supporting effective competency based recruitment
  • Delivering an effective appointment and induction process to ensure governors understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Sharing lessons in how boards of trustees have recruited high quality candidates and the implications it has had on decision making and independent scrutiny of an academy