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Ernest Jenavs

Founder and CEO,

Ernest Jenavs is a founder and CEO of Edurio, where he helps Multi Academy Trusts improve the way they use stakeholder feedback as a driver of alignment and continuous school improvement. Ernest has served on a European Commission expert panel on school quality evaluation and regularly participates in international policy forums, shaping policy on evidence-driven school improvement and stakeholder engagement. Edurio is a web platform that gives MATs a shared system for stakeholder survey content, distribution and analysis. Edurio enables a collaborative use of important non-academic evidence across a MAT. Over 650 schools across the UK and internationally use the platform to improve education quality.

  • Discussing current challenges in ensuring aligned local governing boards within Multi Academy Trusts
  • Presenting the survey metrics Edurio has developed with the UCL Institute of Education, that measure key factors leading to efficient school governance
  • Sharing best practice on cross-MAT staff, pupil and parent feedback use to ensure a more aligned leadership and governance
  • Discussing strategies for engaging governors in an evidence-driven school improvement approach